by Torch of Decaying Log

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released January 3, 2012

Half digested remains of Black Metal songs spewed into a Noisecore container then seasoned with massive layers of oscillator-driven noise.

F. - Vocals / FX / Engineering
Z. - Bass / Guitars
H. - Drums

All songs arranged & performed by Torch of Decaying Log
except "Intro", "Blasphemous Rumours", "Untitled" & "Finale" (Everything by F.)

Produced, Engineered & Mastered by F.
Cover Photograph by F.

Track 1-10: "II" LP (Jul 2011)
Track 11-16: "S/T" 7" EP (Sep 2010)

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Torch of Decaying Log Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Purification / Putrefaction
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

Drain the blood
with purification ritual leads to putrefaction
Silver and rust shined through the veins
in a hallowed way

You've got your piece of god
Now die
Track Name: Altered Yesteryear
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

Burn down this shelter that is no longer secure and talk about how dreadful it was
Across the years in vain fulfilled by your own nightmares
All the suffering buried in the ashes that was poured down by the pelter
Wave a long farewell to the yesteryear which has been altered
Track Name: Dead Water
Music & Lyrics by Z.

Through sunken eyes right now
The brains, rotting anticlockwise
Anonymously absorbed failure
Feeble concious of pain has came closer again
With nothing to hold
Symbolic sorcery fossilized the stain
Falling through, pillars of veins
Ruin the light
Miasma killed
Second the hell again
With the anthill with the insanes
The logic comes to an end
For honor itself
For orphans' justice we drilled in
and out
It drowned
Symbolically drowned
Reflected the futiles
Behold the failure
By satanic fire they damned in the brimstone
Track Name: Enslavement in Futile
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

Through the echo of the abyss she whispered the unintelligible words
From a part of the knowledge that has been long lost
To enslave the blood that was waived and futile
The incantation must be cast with absolution reached
Track Name: The Last Hour
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

This is your last hour
Action will be taken
Trespass your yearning of death
A wall covered with illusions

This sphere becomes timeless
with a vacuum of chaos
Imprisoned by delusions
Your remains are statuelized
Track Name: Hallucinations from the Nonexist Truth
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

Into the hallucinations of fear
Your strength of mind has came to an end
The lord in your imagination has already left
An inevitable void

Embracing death is not necessarily embracing pain
But you lived a life that was basically lack of proof
Relying on an figure who was nonexist
Like a pile of mess waiting to be scrapped

It's nothing
It usually dies
Track Name: The Lord in White
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

This wouldn't repay
Distrust is rising
at the end of the day

Let the lord pass by
He has been wrapped in
pale colors
Hoping to manipulate

Dethrone the light
The pierced are thine
When it falls through
Track Name: Corpuses Symbol
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

The vision held high
Corpus of putrid sight
Vile torso
Symbolized as fact

Worthless dwellings
Paralyzed to be willing
Persecutory parasites
Deletion of human mind

This is the ugliest scene you will ever see
This is the ugliest scene you will ever see
This is the ugliest scene you will ever see
Symbolized corpuses
Track Name: Obscure Executioner
Music by Z.
Lyrics by F.

I still couldn't figure out
What is it standing under that shade
Obscure outline executing the crowd
Sounds I'm unsure of muted or loud

No longer an illusion
This is coming after
Track Name: Untitled
Music & Lyrics by F.

Uncertain of this
mindset of discorrection
Disposable conversation
leaves no proof

To be led astray
Upset about the situation
No funeral
No solution

I thought it was too much but I got trapped into this
This should be put to an end but I'm still clinging
This wouldn't last it's collapsing to pieces
To lay in the ruins of my own insanity
Track Name: Finale
Music & Lyrics by F.

Tense I'm getting
This hexagonal sphere
Convulsing and distracting

Mostly discomforting
and faint
My anxiety strikes
crushing my senses

My beliefs are long gone
during the days of grey
I can't remember if it was clear
or has it been blurred

Getting so blind and couldn't see
Is it the inferno
or is it just the mind
of my own uneasiness

Losing the defense
I'm fading into
another state of soullessness

May I break now
and rest in pieces